Monthly Archive:: October 2002

Even Less Money, Shitloads Mo Problems

Ok, it’s been a few days. But nothing to report on until today. Yesterday, called one of my regular clients to see how things were going. He tells me, “so you got my email ok?” I asked him what email (it had been almost an hour since

Less Money, Mo Problems

The bills never stop coming, but that’s my daily story. The few positives that did happen yesterday and today were good. On thurs, I talked to a very good friend who is very close to me. She went through about 7 months of no job and it

Job Update

After a pretty harsh two weeks with no bites, one bite came back today. And it was one that I expected to brush me off. Back in late June, I emailed my resume for a position for a LAN Admin here in Salt Lake. About 3 weeks

Save Marty

Boy, have I been a slacker. Well, not really. Today was a particuarly low point in my life, as far as finaces go. Not only am I so out of cash, I’ve got two missed credit card payments (all 3 of my low credit limit cards are