Twenty Years Remembrance: Freddie Mercury and Eric Carr

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury Sep 5, 1946 – Nov 24, 1991

Eric Carr
Eric Carr Jul 12, 1950 – Nov 24, 1991

One, a flamboyant lead singer of a rock and roll band that became an international success.

The other, an accomplished drummer who’s final sticks on skins was for one of the most marketable hard rock bands to blanket the earth.

Two music legends, taken from us on the same day in 1991. And 20 years later, I am thankful for their musical contributions they gave us during their lives.


  1. kapgar says:

    They both died the same day?? I had no idea and yet was a fan of both. RIP you two.

    1. chillywilly says:

      Yeah, I didn’t know until a few years ago. I never saw Freddie (or Queen) in concert, but I did see Eric Carr with KISS on the Hot In The Shade tour, which just so happened to be his last album with the band. One of the greatest drummers around.

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