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Utah Gets Apple Store

  It’s now official. Utah is getting it’s first Apple Store. Grand opening is this Saturday, November 19th. Click here for the offical word from Apple. I’ll be there, rain or snow, with camera, iPod and cell phone. Send me an email if you plan on going. I’d love to meet

Brand New Design

So I finally decided to use Dreamweaver for more than just building the shell of a complex web page (ie. tables mostly). So this is my first attempt at using one of the templates and then going into the code to tweak it.   For 11 years

Depeche Mode – Nov 12th

This Saturday night, Depeche Mode comes to the E-Center of West Valley (it’s actually one of the best indoor arenas I’ve been to concerts at). Opening band is The Bravery. It will be my 8th time seeing the band and it’s a show not to be missed.

Christmas already

Damn… Christmas is just around the corner. Hard to believe it’s been a year since I threw down half my monthly income to purchase material happiness for my friends and family. Seriously, I do enjoy this time of the year (minus the snow and cold).

TUAW Top Ten Posts

#10: Safari Enhancer and Saft Updates -This tool makes all of the weird goofs and bugs about Safari easier to deal with. #9: iTunes 5.0 – The true sleeper of the Sept 7th product announcements. Cool new features, improved shuffle options and just as easy to use.

Summer is over …

Albums Listening to: Staind “Chapter V”, Shadows Fall “The War Within”Top Article: Leaders Lack Disaster Experience – This is the government we are talking about, so it’s not such a stretch to employ your buddies over someone that’s qualified to know something about the department they will

Almost Christmas …

Albums Listening to: The Killers “Hot Fuss”, Neil Young “On The Beach”Top Article: Wal-Mart gets sued over Evanescence’s new CD with bad language – This is one of those “parents need a bitch slap of reality” articles that you must read. Current Rant: Last week, it was