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PHP 7.2 Upgrade

Time to upgrade from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2 When your web hosting company sends you an email with a date of when they no longer support PHP 5.6 AND your WordPress panel keeps reminding you that your PHP is out of date, it’s time to make

The Judge Cafe

Restaurants come and go over the course of time. Some last months, some last years and others have been in business for 50 years or more. The Judge Cafe, which officially closed up in February 2017, is one that was a local staple for many years in

Stages Of Work

This popped up on my Twitter feed from Evernote, which is the main application I use to store notes. I do use multiple note taking apps, but eventually, all notes end up in Evernote. A consolidation effort. This flowchart of how a sand castle gets built is

Is He Dead?

This is a question and test that my two cats ask of me on a regular basis.

Tide Pods Oreos

When you think about all of the different flavored versions of Oreos that have made their appearance at grocery and big box stores, it was evident that a parody product like this would be created. Of course, they are not real. And any reasonable and sane person

19 Random Facts

Normally I post this kind of thing over on Banal Leakage, but I’m distracted with the ongoing project of posting my European Vacation daily updates from July. Playing catch up over there still. So as part of that distraction, I found this on a few of my

Hating Technology

I know a lot of people that hate Apple products Breaking my 19 month silence here on this blog to share my feelings about technology, specifically the Apple vs. Android Celebrity Death Match I know a lot of people that hate anything Apple. If I had to