• Gmail – Gmail
  • AOL Mail – AOL Webmail
  • Yahoo Mail – Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook.com – aka Hotmail

  • Third Eye Film Forum– films, TV, books, writing, music
  • Engadget – a cool site that covers the latest gadget news
  • TUAW– up-to-date blog on Apple stuff
  • The Verge – a new gadget site by former Engadget editor Joshua Topolsky
  • Gizmodo – more coverage of gadgets and all things cool
  • Palm Addicts – mobile news, tips and info
  • Techmeme – tech news all organized
  • The Hollywood Reporter – Hollywood and movie news
  • DVcreators.net – support resource for Final Cut Pro/Express users
  • Photoshop Support – support resource for Photoshop users
  • Green Hybrid – user-based resource for hybrid cars
  • MacRumors – a great forum with lots of members talking about Mac stuff
  • Large Hearted Boy – music blog with links to free legal music downloads
  • Sprintusers – Sprint users complain and share info
  • Marks Friggin – Daily Howard Stern Show recap
  • L.A. Observed – a blog that covers what’s going on in Los Angeles
  • webOS Nation – as a TouchPad and original Pre user, this site is the place to go
  • Drink Spirits – alcohol reviews and articles
  • Open webOS Blog – covering open webOS builds on compatible hardware

  • AT&T – My current cell phone provider (switched from Sprint)
  • Apple– Apple’s web site
  • eBay – pretty much the only place for hard to find gadgets
  • Pollstar – Find a concert coming to your town
  • Blu-Ray – all things Blu-Ray
  • Starbucks – About the only monopolistic company I support
  • What Would Tyler Durden Do? – online celeb photog rag done better than what TMZ does
  • Howard Stern – the official site – WARNING: Explicit pics (this means no kids)
  • EZTV – I get my TV torrents from here
  • Gorilla Mask – adult entertainment (not porn, but some of the content contains nudity)
  • Fark.com – same as above, only slightly less racy. Very entertaining stories