Closed on Thanksgiving

Got to give a respectful shout out to LEGO retails stores. A brand that I continue to support. Happy Thanksgiving to all

Dreamhost Sweet 16 Birthday

Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to Dreamhost, who provides a stable platform for this 11 year old blog. Moved To A Better Host I will be nice and not mention my previous host of this blog, but I had nothing but problems and constantly on the phone with


Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

Michael J. Fox Is Back On TV

Thursday on NBC, Michael J. Fox returns to the TV on September 26th. The above clip shows some scenes from his new show, appropriately named “The Michael J. Fox Show” He plays himself [last name of Henry] and his Parkinson’s is not off limits. In fact, it’s

Ten Years Of Starbucks Cards

Ten Years Proof Ten years ago, I purchased my first Starbucks card. Like it’s own debit card, Starbucks started something that made coffee drinking more accessible than people could have imagined. The idea was to load money onto this card and you could use it to pay

Tebowie Returns Jimmy Fallon creates another awesome parody/remake.


I still need to see the first movie. The second one looks really funny.