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One Fucking Green Day Minute

No rehab… just one pissed off Billie Joe Armstrong about having only one minute left… Just one fucking minute.

No Chickenfoot Love For Utah

Where’ the Utah stop? I’m a big Sammy Hagar fan. Starting with Montrose, then solo, his many years with Van Halen and now Chickenfoot. Have never seen him live and would love to someday. There’s a new tour with multiple dates. Two shows in Lake Tahoe, which

Do You S.I.?

Yowza! I like sports, but this is probably the only time of the year when I buy a copy of Sports Illustrated. I used to buy this every year many years ago. In fact, I probably still have quite a few of these in storage. And even

Ferris Bueller Honda ad for Superbowl 2012

Clever ad. I think this will be a big hit on game day as well. Which given the teams playing, is the only reason I will be watching the Superbowl.

Happy New Year 2012

My first step in transforming this site into something different is to borrow something from my main blog. The theme I am using here is one that regular readers of that blog know very well. It will be the theme I will keep in place for the

2012 Grammy Nominations

The Foos are up for 6 Grammys The Grammys nominations were announced last night. The actual award show is Feb 12, 2012. The Foo Fighters are up for 6 Grammys, including the top award of the night – Album Of The Year. And it’s a damn fine