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David Bowie “Where Are We Now?” Announced on his 66th birthday, The Thin White Duke is back with new music. Check out the very mellow new song [and somewhat odd video] above. The new album “The Next Day” is available on March 12th. Click here to pre-order on iTunes.

Soundgarden “Been Away Too Long” Yes they have. Come November 13th, 2012, we will hear the rest of the new album “King Animal” Having listened to this song a couple of times now, I like it. It’s actually pretty good without straying too far off the Soundgarden sound.

Metric “Youth Without Youth”

They are back with a new album Original image found at Consequence of Sound Metric is back. The new album “Synthetica” drops June 12th and this is the first single. It’s a slightly different sound than their previous hit album from 2009 “Fantasies” And a slew of

Foster The People “Houdini”

From the fine debut full album “Torches”, this is the official music video for the song “Houdini” I like this song a lot… maybe not quite as much as “Helena Beat”, but it’s pretty damn close. Speaking of Helena Beat, here’s the odd, yet highly creative video

All New Stone Temple Pilots

Being the big Stone Temple Pilots fan I am, it should be no surprise to see a new post here in almost six months. The new album, “Stone Temple Pilots” [self-titled] hits retail and digital stores on May 25, 2010. The first single from the album “Between