Email In The Cloud

Original image found at HR Morning. As of now, I have and use on a daily basis, 5 email accounts. Some eight years ago, I had 16 email accounts. I’ve reduced a lot. Granted, I only checked 10 of those 16 accounts on a regular basis, but

Changes and Transformations

As I blogged some 14 months ago about this site changing, it will finally be happening during the month of January. Along with so many other of my online presences/sites/videos/projects and entities. What kind of changes? A few changes to look forward to on my sites: Updated

Coming Soon… Honest.

Last year at this time, I had a page up called "What’s up with" which was up until earlier today. It was the page that greeted people when they came to this site. For exactly one year, that page has haunted me and reminded me that