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The Judge Cafe

Restaurants come and go over the course of time. Some last months, some last years and others have been in business for 50 years or more. The Judge Cafe, which officially closed up in February 2017, is one that was a local staple for many years in

Send Me Oreo

Original photo found at GrubGrade Oreo has two new flavors coming out. And they did a Twitter giveaway last night during the Grammy awards show. Using the hashtag #sendmeoreo I sent a tweet and got a reply within a few minutes. Clicking the link in the tweet,

Lasagne Bolognese

Just looking at this picture makes me hungry Found this recipe over on Click this link to open a new window with the entire recipe. I do plan on making this soon as a fan of decent lasagna. Vegan Lasagne The vegan lasagne And for those