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Closed on Thanksgiving

Got to give a respectful shout out to LEGO retails stores. A brand that I continue to support. Happy Thanksgiving to all

LEGO is opening a Utah Location

Utah will be getting it’s first LEGO store As the screenshot above shows, Utah will have it’s first official LEGO store opening in 2013. The official LEGO store page announced this back on Feb 21st. I wonder how I missed this? Now to wait for the grand


It’s true. Sometime in 2013, there will be an official LEGO Back To The Future set. Complete with Marty and Doc minifigures and a Delorean. I can’t wait. Linkage LEGO CUUSOO

LEGO Shines

LEGO Pizza Delivery

Pretty awesome video. Thanks to Rebrick for the link. Continuing Adventures And for the rest of the story, here’s more videos: LEGO Pizza Delivery 2 LEGO Pizza Delivery 3 LEGO Pizza Delivery 4

Surfer In The Shade

Shaded, not Jaded I collect LEGOs and have since I was a kid. These latest figures to my collection are LEGO minifigures. There have been four sets of them so far. This particular figure is from Series 2. A view from the sand I thought I would