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It’s true. Sometime in 2013, there will be an official LEGO Back To The Future set. Complete with Marty and Doc minifigures and a Delorean. I can’t wait. Linkage LEGO CUUSOO

Reason #247 Why I Love Summer

So I can be all silly after I’ve had a few drinks.

Karaoke Holiday After Party

Myself and several other players singing Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City” and having a good time after a company holiday party. Of note is the head banging I do at :35 into the video. This was taken in 2010 and I’m finally getting around to uploading it.

Karaoke from 2007

I dedicate this next request to Kris from Erie, PA…

Out of town, but posting this…

… to tide visitors over until I can sort it all out and get this site completed and ready for update posts, and my new blogging site Banal Leakage started with the first post. The details of coverage for both sites will be separate but mixed, in