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Soundgarden “Been Away Too Long” Yes they have. Come November 13th, 2012, we will hear the rest of the new album “King Animal” Having listened to this song a couple of times now, I like it. It’s actually pretty good without straying too far off the Soundgarden sound.

Metric “Youth Without Youth”

They are back with a new album Original image found at Consequence of Sound Metric is back. The new album “Synthetica” drops June 12th and this is the first single. It’s a slightly different sound than their previous hit album from 2009 “Fantasies” And a slew of

Train Covers The Guess Who

“These Eyes” covered by Train Such a great song to begin with, but Train nails this one nicely. Performed live on the Howard Stern Show on March 27, 2012 (the above video doesn’t show the band live – it’s just the song).

Top Grossing Musicians of 2011

Taylor Swift – Top Earner for 2011 This will most likely be the only time you will see a photo of Taylor Swift on this blog, so I thought I would find one that had her in a mature pose. This list of 2011’s top earners in

Super Morrissey Bros.

Super Morrissey Bros Trying to add some musical fun for a Tuesday. Originally found at

Dave Grohl Speaks The Truth

He’s exactly right. The Foo Fighters won 5 Grammys last night. Adele won 6. Both talented musicians, bands and singers who are highly respected.

RIAA, Bitches!

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