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Life’s What You Make It

Such a great song from Talk Talk That phrase is more than just a song title. Or for that related matter, from a great 80’s song. It’s something that I really try to live each day. Most days these past 5 years have been a bit of

Tebowie Returns Jimmy Fallon creates another awesome parody/remake.


I still need to see the first movie. The second one looks really funny.

Conan Hosts WHCD

The White House Correspondants dinner hosted by Conan O’Brien. He killed it.

The Critic: Roger Ebert

With today’s news of the loss of Roger Ebert, I thought this episode of The Critic was appropriate.

LEGO Shines


Boomboxing… music playing of the past Almost three years ago, the Cameron Crowe creation “Say Anything” celebrated with a new DVD and Blu-ray version of the movie with several people gathering and re-creating the iconic boombox stance that Lloyd Dobler immortalized so well, jamming the Peter Gabriel