Send Me Oreo

oreo cookie dough
Original photo found at GrubGrade

Oreo has two new flavors coming out. And they did a Twitter giveaway last night during the Grammy awards show.

send me oreo

Using the hashtag #sendmeoreo I sent a tweet and got a reply within a few minutes. Clicking the link in the tweet, I filled out shipping information and got the above response. So it appears they will be sending a package containing the new Oreo flavors of Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy.

Once I get the prize pack, I will be reviewing them over on my main blog, adding to my other reviews of previous Oreo flavors.


  1. kilax says:

    Ugh! I want the cookie dough one so bad!!!

    1. chillywilly says:

      Yes, those sound so good. I guess I will find out here shortly what they taste like. I’m still going to look for them in the stores next week, as well.

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