Tide Pods Oreos

tide pods oreos

When you think about all of the different flavored versions of Oreos that have made their appearance at grocery and big box stores, it was evident that a parody product like this would be created.

Of course, they are not real. And any reasonable and sane person would never expect to find these in their stores – either in the cookie isle or the shelves where they display laundry detergent varieties.

But aside from the clever person who knows design well enough to create this fake product, there might be a few that get excited to make a mad dash to their local Target store to snap up a package of these latest Oreos.

Enjoy the parody, just not internally.


  1. kilax says:

    OMG, this is such a funny joke but also sickening that people were (still are?) actually eating those things!!! (Although I am sure some health nuts would argue that Oreos already don’t have any natural products in them, ha)

    1. chillywilly says:

      Yes, us sane Oreo fans know this as a joke. But sick that people ate tide pods. Just wrong.

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